The 49th Annual Stafford Dinner will take place on February 24, 2024 at The Holiday Inn in Midland.


Stafford Dinner is only possible through the generous donations of our alumni, family, local businesses, Northwood students and employees.


Each year the Stafford Dinner executive board starts with nothing and through fundraising makes the dinner happen.  The executive board and volunteers get hands on experience within the hospitality industry through event planning, service, food and beverage, registration and more. 


Only through your generous donations are we able to bring our ideas to life and create a dinner to remember. 


Stafford Dinner is a fundraising dinner, and all profits go towards scholarships for students interested in the hospitality industry.  With your donation today, not only are you changing the success of Stafford Dinner but students' lives as well.




Make a donation to the upcoming Stafford Dinner

Please visit to learn how to sponsor the 2024 Stafford Dinner or purchase tickets.  Credit Cards, PayPal and Venmo are accepted.

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